Why are there multiple PPD ranks and profile pages for the same type of GPU?

The Folding@Home client is responsible for identifying the hardware that is being used to fold.

F@H has its own GPU list which the best we can tell identifies the GPUs using its Firmware which seems to be consistent with entries collected from users’ systems.

Therefore, if you were looking up a card like a GTX 1070 you might see multiple different listings in the ranks because they are separate cards in F@H based on the firmware ID.

The multiple listings will also usually differentiate between desktop, mobile and different GPU revisions which may have very different PPD production averages based on their thermal design, being wedged into a laptop or being special over or under clock editions sold.

If you are using the GPU PPD list or the web client, you must look for how your GPU is identified in F@H which will be the full unedited folding@home identifier seen under the GPU common name as shown in the example of different RTX 1070 GPUs below.