My GPU is not in the database list, why not? Can you add it?

All GPU PPD values and ranks are collected via our web client extension based on real users automated and random PPD sample submissions across millions of PPD samples spanning thousands of work units and projects.

We use this automated method to ensure that the database has values based on real PPD values seen by users and that adapt and change as work units and projects do week to week as PPD averages are always in flux based on work units, operating system, drivers etc. over time.

We therefore do not manually add or guess at the PPD for GPUs but only list the ones that we have real world data for.

If you would like to see your GPU that we do not have added to the database you can do this by contributing to it via running our web client extension which will add work you do to the database including your GPU, PPD/Work unit scores while providing you with benchmarking information as the database learns more about your hardware.